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OUR MISSION: We are a non-profit organization with a very simple mission: Use business to make the world a more loving place. We believe the world needs more entrepreneurs creating from a place of love (more Etsy, less Amazon). Ultimately, we are focused on being a driving force for cultural reform, specifically changing the culture of the world from one defined by fear to one defined by love. We do this through business. Entrepreneurs have always been the ones to create change in the world and we believe they are the most equipped to usher in this new era of love. 


OUR VISION: Our vision is that every business using our system will become a beacon of light and love in the world. When 155,000 businesses operate using our management system, with the assumption that the footprint of the average small business is 5,000 people (customers, team, prospects, community, etc.), the total footprint of our love will be about 775M which is about 10% of the world population (7.75B). We believe it is at this point we will see not just small change, but real, tangible, noticeable change in the culture of the world.

We can solve the world's problems if we all just stop putting our energy into the things that divide us and instead put our energy into the things that unite us, the primary thing being, LOVE.

-Dalai Lama

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