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The Growth Through Love 
Small Business Management System

An easy-to-use framework that provides a structured approach to run your business, moving business operations from overwhelm to organization. Now, what sets our system apart, is it is rooted in our core value...


CORE VALUE: When you build your business from a place of love, it will grow. The best products & services are made from a place of passion and the most successful companies are able to get their customers to fall in love with their brands. 


Time & Money Investment

While other management consulting firms provide business management systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars and can take months to implement, ours costs only $499 and only takes a few meetings. The reason for this, is we are a nonprofit organization and part of our mission is providing Harvard-level consulting at prices mom and pop retailers can afford (see the About Us page to better understand our mission). 

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Move From Frustration To Freedom

  • PHASE 1: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. First, we help you (the business owner) simplify your life. We move business operations from OVERWHELM (inside your head) to ORGANIZATION (Inside The GTL Business Management System Dashboard).

  • PHASE 2: HARMONIZE YOUR TEAM. Next, you can bring your team into your dashboard. The Management System provides a structured framework to guide team collaboration, ensuring the team has the right conversations and surgically executes the right things in the right order, seamlessly balancing important company goals and urgent issues and fires.​

  • PHASE 3: FREEDOM. Once you become comfortable with the systematic way the business is being managed, you are empowered to participate less and less in the team meetings, until eventually you just show up and watch your company grow. This empowers you to only work on the things that light you up.


 At the intersection of love and money is infinite potential

Before we do anything together, we believe in leading with love so we'd like to start by giving you a gift. Using our unique business growth modeling system we will analyze your business, identify growth opportunities and create a clear map to show you how to hit your growth goal.


39 min. training followed by a 1 hour meeting

Watch A 3 Minute Preview 

Hear What People Are Saying

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Wilson McLean, Owner
Integrative Wellness Alliance


"Our business is unquestionably better in every way thanks to Growth Through Love! This group is the real deal in every way possible. Having worked with many coaches & consultants over the years, never have I found a team so dedicated to their mission..."

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 3.27.16 PM copy 2.png

Danielle Simone, Operations
The Wedding Shoppe


 "I can not put into words how helpful Growth Through Love is. It has changed the way I work. We have accomplished more than I would ever have imagined!"

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 3.27.16 PM.png

Teresa Paschall, VP
Cal - Cert


"Growth Through Love is a business owner's dream come true. Their management system… will give you more time, money, and the flexibility to live your best life."

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